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Get the best gift for the newborn!

Welcome to life!

Find the best gifts for the newborns at Tiger Child!

Babies make the world better with their smiles and their innocence and by just being the cutest and most adorable little beings on this planet. They are our pride and joy. Every newborn is a promise, a signal of hope for the people of the world. They could become someone great, they could do great things. They could someday become the change that we need in this world to make it a better place to live.

They bring us joy by simply being there. Whenever a baby is present, everybody wants to gather around him or her. Babies are the focus of attention and they call for the best of us, the part of us that is always willing to give love and care to the ones who need it. Having them arrive to this world is always a blessing and blessings should always be thanked. 

Receive these new lives with presents from Tiger Child, the leading gift store in north Britain. We specialise in gifts for babies and little kids. From clothing to toys, from pacifiers to bassinets, you will find anything that could become the best gift for the newborn.

Search our catalogue for the gift of your choice!

We have over a thousand different items from which you can choose! Contact us now to see all your options. We offer a special interactive catalogue of high practicity. When you access it, you will be able to browse by categories, select items and compare them, pre-order them and even buy them online. 

Our products have extended, 100% money-back warranty.

Don't forget to be in touch for our discounts! Every month we offer at least one special discount on a product or group of products, allowing you to save up to 20% of the listing price. Everything is on sale at some time! We also offer discounts for large purchases, so if you want to team up with some friends and family to regale a newborn with a complete set of gifts to get started with his or her life, you will have a great chance to get a great deal with us.


Make custom gifts for your babies!


We can create personalized gifts for your newborns and little kids. Print or embroid the name of the baby in bibs and blankets. Choose colours and drawings to decorate your gifts. Make cups and ornaments with the photo of the baby. You will be making a unique, unforgettable present for the kid or the family. Show them how much you love them and how happy you are that the baby is here.

Find out more about custom gifts and present options. Contact us now through our handy contact form, or if you prefer, call us on business hours. We will give you access to our interactive free catalogue, our special offers list and all our options for personalized gifts.

Bring your own ideas and make your present unique today. 




"When Hannah was born, I felt like mi whole life just brightened up. Se is beautiful and perfect and all I ever wanted and more. I want to give her everything. I bought some baby clothes for her in Tiger Child and I feel like I just found what I was looking for."
Alissa Reynolds


Making babies giggle.

"My nephew has huge dark eyes and is simply the cutest thing ever. I went to Tiger Child to find something for him, something that was good enough for him, and that's not easy. I was glad to see all these great things. He really liked his new toy."
Jeremiah Steinmann

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